Pub Sing!

Normally First Friday of each month, 7:30-10 pm at

The Beerocracy

New York State’s Only Dedicated Cask Ale Brewery

4520 State Route 14, Rock Stream, NY
Call ahead before coming out


Songs with rousing choruses, like sea shanties & sailor songs, work songs, English and other types of drinking songs, songs with a repeating line or refrain, new or old songs with a good chorus. Lead a song or join in – harmonize, or just soak it in. All welcome!

Valley Folk Music is hosting Pub Sings every first Friday of the month
from 7: 30-10 PM at The Beerocracy, a bit less than 5 miles up the west side of Seneca Lake
from Watkins Glen, NY on State Route 14, Rock Stream, NY

Anyone is free to take a turn to lead a song and all are free to sing along, especially joining in on the chorus and harmonizing. We ask that you try to find songs that have a refrain or chorus or repeating line to facilitate some group and harmony singing. Some examples of good ones (but by no means an exhaustive list) include work songs, sea songs, traditional British Isles songs, American favorite folk song gems or anything with a rousing chorus, or anything with a chorus you like.

The ‘Beerocracy’ is located Seneca Lake Brewery's main brewing location at 4520 State Route 14, Rock Stream, NY. From the minute you walk in you are transported back in time to when the British Pub was a national institution and a place where people went to meet, relax and catch up with friends.

Click here for directions to The Beerocracy

NOTE: The Pub Sing generally takes breaks for Easter/Passover (in March or April), and December for the Christmas/Chanukah holidays. There may be a rare, last minute cancellation--notice of which will be put up on Facebook. You can also phone to check with us before driving a long distance at 607 962-4461.