Saturday Concerts
begin at 7:30 pm

Sunday Concerts
begin at 2:00 pm

(except where
otherwise noted)

Make a tax-deductable donation to help
keep Valley Folk Music singing!

Valley Folk Music Joins Community Foundation Program—
Donations are now fully tax-deductible

The Community Foundation has helped us set up a fund that will allow Valley Folk to continue presenting the high-quality concert series we have all come to appreciate. For the first time, your donations will be fully tax-deductible and will be acknowledged in writing for your tax purposes.

Your donation will be used to maintain our high caliber of events. Here are some examples of how donations may be used to help: 

- A donation of $1000 might cover the guarantee of an internationally touring duo or a larger regional band.
- $750 could ensure the guarantee of an award-winning North American musician.
- $500 donation might guarantee the minimum payment of a musician’s fee (before the door percentage is calculated).
- A $300 donation could go towards sound at a concert when volunteers are not available.
- $20 can cover black and white printing on pastel paper for one concert.
- $15 could cover printing flyers for one whole Pub Sing season.
- $10 buys coffee supplies for intermission.

Any amount you can give is important. Donations are needed as well to cover concert hall rental fees, our required Performing Rights Organization license, performers’ travel expenses, brochure and flyer printing costs, and the costs of maintaining a website.

Any donation, large or small, will be put to good use. Both personal and business contributions are welcome. We hope contributors will feel our heartfelt thanks while having the satisfaction of knowing that you helped keep 35+ years of folk music going strong in our community. "It takes a village to put on a concerts series."
With Gratitude and Appreciation,


How to donate:

3 easy ways to give:

1. BY MAIL: Print and fill out the Donation Form. Please include your credit card details or return the form with a check—make check payable to: “Valley Folk Music Fund”. Mail the form and payment to:

The Community Foundation
301 South Main St.
Horseheads, NY 14845

2. IN PERSON at CONCERTS: Bring the completed Donation Form (or fill one out at a concert) with your credit card details or a check payable to: “Valley Folk Music Fund”. 

3 ONLINE: Visit  You will need to scroll down through an alphabetical list of funds (we are near the end). Choose “Valley Folk Music Fund”. Fill out your details. You can use a credit card or Pay Pal account.